About me


Stemming from an interest in beauty in the broadest sense and in the treatment of the skin, I trained as an esthetician. In 1984 I completed my education at the Gerda Siemer Institution in Amsterdam. In addition I have followed various courses, including manicure, make-up, rebalancing massage, lypossage and footreflex massage and working with essential oils. To stay in touch with the latest developments in the field I annually participate in interesting workshops and seminars.

I also closely follow developments in cosmetics and skin treatment products. It is important to me that a product doesn't cause any damage to the skin and that it has a healthy and clearly positive effect on the skin.


Even when I was young, I realised there was more between heaven and earth. A world of feeling within myself, separate from things that happen in my daily life.

The interactions between thinking and feeling and between inner self and outer self an the tensions between them, gave me an ongoing awareness of resonance and reflection. This realisation led me on a journey of discovery and a life challenge.


In 1988, pregnant with my daughter, I came into contact with the Gnostic school of thought of Foundation Ophraeis, which in Ancient Greek means ' Unity, independent of Space and Time'. This Gnostic school holds that through togetherness, there are continuously optimal reflections towards yourself and towards each other in respect of the awareness and healing process of the personal (the individual) and, at the same time, the ' greater than self' (the collective, the universal). In my experience, we as people are part of this. Through this philosophy and approach, continuously freely mirroring myself with everything and everyone, I have got to know myself inside out and this is an ongoing process. I have built a bridge between feeling, thinking, inner self and outer self and the relationships between these in relation to the greater meaning, the universal. Through this I feel connected, grounded and more in balance.


With the help of weekly trainings by the Gnostic school in The Netherlands and annual workshops abroad, I've been able to go through intensive personal development over the last 29 years and am still actively working on it.

In 1995 I completed the relevant teacher training.



Since 1991 I have been working as a beauty- and skintherapist. I've enjoyed working with clients to solve their skin problems and improve the condition of their skin. 

Since 1995 I have also been coaching individuals and groups in the awakening and restoration of their life force.


Way of working

 I apply my expertise, intuition and passion for people and growth to my work i practical way and with humour.

As a total skin and body care beauty specialist, I link care and healing throughout all my treatments.