Life force restoration coaching

Life force means to me the essential energy, within every person. Through becoming aware of your own life force, you are aware of what makes you unique as a human being.

A person develops on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in many phases. Unique to the individual, his culture, background, environment and circumstances, this development follows its own course. A human life is a constant process of both inner and outer movement, growth and change, during which the above mentioned levels powerfully influence each other.

Feelings such as being at ease with yourself, (self) confidence, independence and happiness, to feelings of instability, insecurity, dependence and unhappiness, are universally recognizable. If you are unaware of excessive tension, which can build and set , then over time you may experience powerful feelings of stress, powerlessness and discontent. You may suffer from weakened immunity, allergies, apathy, sleeplessness and anxiety. You may also experience actual pain, such as headaches, neck-, shoulder- and back pain, etc.

If you have questions regarding your situation, your feelings, if you feel out of balance (thinking, feeling, wanting, daring and doing are not aligned) and want to become aware of your own possibilities and to change from inside out, then you can come to me for one or more sessions.

Through listening to you as well feeling what you are saying, I can give you the reflection you need. Based on my personal and professional experience, as well as my total involvement and approach, you can start to experience where exactly the question lies, how you can best handle the situation and how you can progress in your own independence and creativity. For me, an individuals core or source within themselves is the only true reference point.