Taking care of your skin and your body increases feelings of wellbeing. As a result, your inner and outer beauty increases, your own personlity comes over more clearly.


Facial treatments

Do you have irritated skin, itchy skin with lumps or skin which is flakey, as with for instance (Periorale) Dermatitis ? Do you suffer from increased sebumproduction and increased cornification, as Acne?  Does your skin shows redness because of the visible blood vessels, a skindisease called Rosacea, with or without spots? Does your skin feel dry and chapped or are you getting more pigment patches or wrinkles?

I can treat you in my practice for any of these problems, with treatments tailored to your personal needs.


What are the elements of the basic, extensive or specialised facial treatment?

Always a skin diagnosis, deep cleansing and removal of black/whiteheads and milk spots (milia). On request complimented by several sorts of (special)face mask/ face packs, ultrasound treatment, ampoules with concentrated nutrients, epilation, tinting, waxing, facial-, neck-, shoulder- and upperbackmassage and finally always a nourishing day or night cream.


The aim of my facial treatments is to alleviate skin complaints, improve skin condition and maintain healthy skin.





Every skin functions in the same way, but every skin responds differently. Continueing to monitor the skin's condition, is important and makes it possible to give an updated product advice.


During or after the facial, its possible to treat your hands or feet with a mask, manicure or massage.  If desired, I can give make-up advice and/or apply make-up.



Body massage

Is your body feeling tired or tense? Do you suffer from stiffness? Would the painful muscles in you neck or back like some attention or would you simply like to relax?

Come for a massage. You can choose between a focussed partial massage or a full body massage.


Massage creates active attention for your own body. 

This active attention allows you on the one hand consciously to enjoy the relaxation created by the massage, while on the other hand, you can become aware of the feelings that are stored in your body.

Massaging your body facilitates better flows both on the physical level and on the energy level. Thereby strengthening your self-healing potential. Symptoms of stress and pain can thus be greatly reduced.

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The goal of my body massage treatments is on the one hand focused on total relaxation, while on the other hand it can form part of treatment focused on the restoration of your life force.




Do you suffer from excess hair? Is it nice weather?

You can come to me for waxing of the face, legs, bikini, back, arms and armpits.



Coaching restore life force

Based on my holistic belief that body and soul are one and that the psychic, emotional, physical and energy dimensions continuously affect one another, alongside specific facial treatments, I also offer coaching for restoration of life force.


Do you experience thoughts or feelings that disrupt your functioning, both as yourself and in relation to others? Does this make you feel limited and trapped? Do you have difficulty experiencing pleasure and relaxation in your life and do you not know how you can change the situation?


For all these questions and the related skin problems, you can come to me for a life force restoration coaching, in order to bring about real change from inside. 

Skin problems are also often an expression of blocked energy, which require more attention than just an external treatment.

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The goal of my coaching is to make it possible for you to experience what it is that you are unaware of at that moment and to teach you to be more self aware, through methods such as visualisation, massage and touch. In this way, your own life force will be restored.






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